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I’ve said before that campus resembles a small community. So what do you do for fun in said community? Let me tell you!

One thing I love to do at Ball State is Friday Night Filmworks. This was especially great when I lived in the dorms with no car! Every Friday night, a group called University Program Board (UPB) shows a movie on a huge projection screen in a nice auditorium. The movies are ones that are out of theaters, but not on DVD yet. Example, last night they showed Eat. Pray. Love. Anyway the best part about this movie is that its FREE and only $1 for non-BSU students. They also sell popcorn and soda for $1. Who doesn’t love a free movie?

UPB hosts a ton of other events on campus throughout the year. In the fall, I went to Quad Bash, which is basically a huge party on the quad. The whole event was free (and $5 for non-BSU students), and they had free pizza, snow cones, cotton candy, lemon chills, etc. Then there was a rock climbing wall, inflatable games I can’t even describe and a sumo wrestling pin (which I totally participated in). At the end of the year, UPB sponsors a huge carnival (again, FREE), with all of the wonderful food, games and rides that a carnival should have!

Another FREE example. Every holiday season and spring, the Honors College provides food for its members in the kitchen of the Honors College house. So yesterday before class, I snagged some pulled pork sandwiches, veggies, chips and candy for lunch!

One of the coolest features of Ball State (and it’s brand new!) is the new recreation and wellness center. Not only does it have tons of workout space, but it has multiple basketball courts and an indoor turf field. If sports aren’t really your thing, because they’re definitely not mine, there’s also a rock climbing wall, Quizno’s, ping pong and other recreational goodness. Oh… and it’s all FREE. Click here to see what else it offers.

There are other campus events I’m forgetting or not listing for length/time reasons, but you can look them up on the Campus Life section of BSU’s site. Or check out all of the fun things UPB puts on!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t worry about getting free food and entertainment around here. They’ve got you covered.

Some of us being goofy at the LateNite carnival last year.

Some of us being goofy at the LateNite carnival last year.

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